Alan Reed

I am a novelist with a special interest in the play of language, and how the way a story is told shapes what it becomes.

My books all try to reimagine the world in unexpected ways. In doing so I am hoping to create something slightly fantastic from the small details of everyday life; something that might have already been there but that takes a certain kind of looking to be able to see.

I have written two novels, The Benjamenta College of Art and Isobel & Emile, and a collection of poems, For Love of the City. Before focusing on writing for the page, I wrote plays and other texts for live performance. This work was staged, performed, and occasionally exhibited in Canada, the United States, the U.K., and Europe.

Originally from Edmonton, I left to study semiotics at the University of Toronto and then left again to study writing at Dartington College of Arts. I now live in Montreal.